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Sailing Yachts Eolie


Vibo Valentia. Calabria. The Area: Sailing Yachts Eolie at Porto Vibo Valentia Italy, allows you to explore the surrounding areas including the Aeolian Islands, known as the Lipari Islands, an archipelago of volcanic origin located in the Tyrrhenian Sea in the province of Messina on the north coast of Sicily. They include two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano. The Aeolian Islands enjoy beautiful beaches with wonderful panoramas to admire the rugged coastline. Panarea, is a wild island with the Beach of Calkara with steam jets demonstrating signs of its ancient volcanic past as well as the volcanic vent off the coast of Cala Bianca. The beach of Cala Junco with its prehistoric village and the Castle of the Save is also worth a visit. Stromboli is famous for its active volcano including three craters and ash emissions every hour, creating a nightly show of incomparable beauty. You'll also be able to visit the typical small villages including Ginosta, where you can see Mount Etna or the Calabrian coast. Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian islands formed by the merging of twelve volcanoes. Places of interest include its highest peak, Mount Chirica, the characteristic red rocks and pumice stone flow at the Valle Muria, the fortress of the Castle on an ancient Greek acropolis and the two bays of Marina Corta and Marina plus the Archaeological Museum with sections dedicated to Palaeontology and Volcanology. Filicudi, here you can find a regional park that extends over almost the entire island, a Neolithic village near Capo Graziano and an Archaeological Museum. Salina, with deep blue sea, beaches and small coves, a volcano of nearly a thousand feet, covered with dense vegetation, a refuge for Eleonora's falcons and buzzards. From the top you can enjoy the enchanting scenery of the Aeolian Islands with a view that on a clear day you can the north coast of Sicily and as far as the majestic Etna. From here comes the Malvasia Lipari, a fine quality grape known all over the world. Alicudi, is a corner of paradise where nature reigns supreme: from the sea to the crystal clear waters, a village where time seems to stand still. The Accommodation: Sailing Yachts Eolie moored at Porto Vibo Valentia, Italy has four cabins, double or bunks. There are two large bathrooms with showers. The dinette can accommodate ten guests comfortably around a large central table. Airport: Lamezia Terme 40 Km. Unit Facilities: Kitchenette with hob & fridge, cutlery, crockery. Important Information: Departure From the Port of Vibo Valentia, Calabria. Mandatory charge of €630 per person to be paid immediately at the time of booking to the yacht company. The fee includes: Welcome drink, food (breakfast & lunch), water and soft drinks on board, Double bed sheets 1 set, 1 bath towel per person, the marina berth for loading/unloading, skipper, dinghy, outboard motor, fuel. Boarding Saturday at 1700 hours, Departing 1100 hours following Saturday. Not included: dinner, any extra moorings, if required, extra linens. It is important that you have proper footwear while aboard the yacht to ensure safety and keep the boat shipshape. If you have regular boat or deck shoes these are ideal. However, if you do not have these then trainers or sports shoes will be fine so long as they do not have dark soles and are non marking.